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Have you ever taken a second to map out why you’re at where you’re at in life? I know, deep, right? But really, why are you working the job that you are? Why do you fill your weekends with a certain activity? Why do you even care so deeply about certain things and not others?

Recently, I quit my day job, which at one point in my life represented my passions, and then – suddenly – it did not, or at least not fully. It baffles me how that happens, how we change and grow and learn and strive for more. And suddenly, if you take a step back, you’re in an almost completely different spot than when you started.

I can map it all out.

Veterinarian grandfather & growing up in a home that never had less than 7 pets at a time
Frequent, fascinating visits to SeaWorld & the zoo (torn on these facilities now, anyone else?)
Studied Marine Biology
Switched to Zoology
Worked at a dog daycare & boarding facility
Minored in Education
Became a Pet Store Manager, educating customers about more holistic pet products
One day, I had a customer tell me she was struggling to find a cruelty-free face lotion. Cruelty-free? What in the world did that mean? I thought testing on bunnies was long over. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening. When I got home that day I checked every makeup and skincare product I owned. Literally ALL of them were tested on animals.

I went through a period of time where I was disappointed in myself for having chosen these items – for always considering myself an animal lover yet having no idea that all of my daily rituals were created after being tested on animals. I was overwhelmed with resource after resource bringing to light all of the horrible animal testing practices. And testing isn’t just done on bunnies; testing is done on mice, fish, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pigs, birds, monkeys, cats, and even dogs like Goose!

Shortly after, I became disappointed in the world. Why was this information not readily available?

As I dove deeper into the information rabbit hole, the disappointment morphed into anger. Why isn’t this talked about? And furthermore, why doesn’t the FDA regulate what goes onto our bodies?

And now it’s become this up-in-arms focus on educating. People don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes; I didn’t – just two years ago! It took one pet store customer’s attempt at small talk to ignite this fury in me.

Enter: For Beasts & Beauty, a passion project aimed at providing information, product reviews, and suggestions for cruelty free and nontoxic options. I don’t claim to be an expert in all things beauty; heck, I wasn’t when using conventional products. But I do hope that I plant the seed for someone. I hope that they see or read something that I’ve put out into the world and have a similar aha moment to the one I had two years ago.


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