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My current nontoxic skincare routine is focused on hydration. During these dry, winter months, my routine needs to ensure I’m both hydrating and moisturizing my skin. To keep your skin’s glow throughout the winter months, make sure you are drinking plenty of water! If your body is dehydrated, so is your skin!


Josh Rosebrook’s Complete Moisture Cleanse: This stuff has this wonderful, milky texture that creates a light lather on your skin. It smells amazing – super fresh but not overwhelming! It’s great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. A little bit goes a long way, too, so you’re able to truly savor this stuff.


Akar Skin’s Lush Balancing Toning Mist: Okay, so first and foremost, I despise rose scent (realizing now how odd it is that I have four rose-based products featured in my routine), so I knew when first trying this that it couldn’t be my absolute favorite product in the world. As expected, its scent isn’t my favorite, but it could be worse – trust me, companies love to overdo it on the rose! What it lacks (for me) there, is made up for in the amazing design of the bottle & the great hydrated, dewy, glowy (is glowy a word?) finish it gives me during these colder, drier months in Los Angeles. My skin soaks this stuff up. I love the dark, glass bottle and LOVE the spray design. The product sprays so finely -so refreshed and luxurious -and evenly – no spritzing yourself in the eyeball! For these positives alone, I may just have to suck it up and deal with the rose scent and continue to purchase this!


Maya Chia’s The Eye Achiever: This stuff has quickly become a green beauty cult classic. I have minimal experience with eye products but knew I would love this because of the convenient design. A rollerball eye serum is the smartest way to do this! Whenever I have a cream or serum I need to dab on, I’m afraid that I’m pulling my skin too hard. This takes that uncertainty out of the process because you simply swipe. The stainless steel rollerball is cool and soothing on the skin. And of course, like any other Maya Chia product, this stuff is loaded with amazing superfood ingredients.


Yin Yang Dermatology Sandalwood Herb Infused Cream: So I have been seeing a local holistic/natural dermatologist for almost a year now. I’ve had melasma (a severe form of hyperpigmentation) for about two years now. Toni at Yin Yang Dermatology is a mastermind, and I cannot wait to share more about this journey (with horrendous pictures) later! In the meantime, I am using this cream on my targeted melasma spots.


Botnia’s Daily Face Cream: I’ll use this on any areas of my face I did not cover with the Sandalwood cream. Thankfully, I do not smell the rose in this product! I mostly smell the jojoba and olive; it has an herbaceous scent. My skin really soaks this stuff up during these dry months. I also love that it has derived squalene to have a nice skin-boosting, anti aging effect. P.S. It is on my agenda to try their amazing looking masks!



DERMA E’s Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil: I’ve recently decided to try oil cleansing, so I have been working through any samples I had to 1. see if I like the general process 2. compare the different oils/brands. I am currently using DERMA E as my evening cleanser. I apply a small amount to my dry skin and massage in circular motions. I’ll do a full review when I do a bog post on oil cleansing and the ones I’ve tried.


Akar’s Lush Balance Toning Mist

Maya Chia’s The Eye Achiever

Yin Yang Dermatology’s Sandalwood Herb Infused Cream


One Love Organics’ Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum: I’ll use this on any areas of my face not covered by the Sandalwood cream. Firstly, I love the inclusion of unique oils in this serum – watermelon seed oil, date seed oil, etc. I also love that despite some rose snuck in here, this stuff is so subtle in scent, it does not bother me at all! It’s a lightweight serum but packs a lot of hydration!


What are you currently using?


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