Lil’ Green Wagon & Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Products

Lil’ Green Wagon Spotlight

Lil’ Green Wagon CLEAN Multi Purpose Cleaner can clean just about anything! I’ve been using this in the kitchen, on shelves, faucets, cabinets, doorknobs, you name it.

I LOVE the simple ingredients: distilled water, castile soap, grain alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit extract, and pure essential oil. The main essential oils in here are tea tree and lavender, two powerful oils that are both antibacterial and disinfecting. No crazy synthetics added like fragrance, and there is no need because the lavender smell is lovely!

Unfortunately, this is all I’ve tried out from Lil’ Green Wagon. They have so many other amazing products. (I’m eyeing you, SCRUB cleaner & laundry salts!) But I’m here to spread the word nonetheless. Go check ‘ em out – we have to support awesome clean companies like this!

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Aunt Fannie’s Spotlight

I’ve been using Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar in the bathroom because the smell of vinegar really helps me feel like it’s clean in there (former bleach lover, over here). Thankfully, when I’m huffing (okay, I’m huffing is an exaggeration) this vinegar spray, I don’t have a thing to worry about. The spray is made up of vinegar, sugar, and essential oils, as simple as that. They have so many different scents to choose from, too, and those fragrances are coming from solely essential oils.

You can even use their cleaner on your floors, and they do offer a larger Floor Wash for just that. With all the drama of the Swiffer WetJet debacle, you might as well use something with ingredients you can pronounce. That way, you’re not risking your pets and kids rolling around in toxic schtuff.

Last but not least, Aunt Fannie’s offers a Pest Control line which has been ESSENTIAL to keeping our sanity during these HOT summer days in Los Angeles. If I’m not using this stuff, I can bet you $1,000,000 (of money I don’t have) that if I spin, turn around, and open my eyes, I can spot an ant (if not thousands) within 5 seconds. They are in our kitchen, bathroom, closets, and in our bed – UGHHHHHH. There’s literally NO chance that there is not an ant on me as I type this.

But in the areas I can control and douse with Aunt Fannie’s All Purpose Pest Remedy Spray, I do, and it works. I also tried out their Insect Repellant Cards. These worked very well but did lose their luster after a couple days. Now, just find me strapped with the Pest Remedy Spray, and I’m a happy gal.



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