Post Super Bowl Detox!

To be honest, I don’t care at all about football. I never have. But every year I attend the same Super Bowl party…pretend to watch the game, laugh at the commercials, and indulge in tasty food I don’t normally eat.

I am usually a pretty healthy eater. I don’t have a particular diet I follow. Just like with my beauty products, I look at ingredients. But I don’t hold myself to strict standards. After all, YOLO.

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So, like clockwork, I may see a few blemishes pop up a day or two after the Super Bowl. I have the following detox routine on the sidelines (get it?) to help my skin and body return to normal:

1. Lemon water: As soon as I wake up, I will squeeze a lemon into a glass and combine with warm, filtered water. This process helps flush the digestive system.

2. Freeze a spoon: Just do it. We’ll get to this later.

3. Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap: This little guy is a dream for breakout-prone skin. Just lather up this soap bar and use as your cleanser when in need of a detox.

4. H IS FOR LOVE PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask: I will definitely be using this mask’s regenerative powers to help my skin heal. This stuff is powerful; it boosts cell renewal, clears the skin of impurities, and brightens the skin!

5. LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist & HOCL: This has been my favorite product as of late; I have been using it as a toner in my normal routine. The HOCL helps cleanse the skin, the oxygen increases moisture, and the dead sea salt balances and provides essential minerals – all wonderful things after a party!

6. Frozen spoon: Take out the frozen spoon and lightly press it to your eye area with your eye closed. Repeat with the other eye. This helps de-puff and reduce the bags under your eyes. You can even continue to do this throughout the day, and of course, if you find another freeze-able object that might work better, go for it! This was my lifesaver on my wedding day!

7. ROOT SCIENCE Bright Rejuvenating Eye Serum: A lot of times the under eye area is where you can see the most ‘damage’ – puffiness, bags, you name it! This stuff is great because it is chock-full of so many wonderful ingredients that do so many wonderful things. P.S. This is sold at Neiman Marcus – YAY for the Clean Beauty Revolution!

8. ULIV Golden Glow Facial Souffle: This stuff is one of those items that I recognize as making my transition into green beauty that much easier. I bought their earlier rendition of this product last year at Indie Beauty Expo and absolutely fell in love! My skin adores it – it hydrates and brightens and reduces any inflammation. And of course, it smells like a wonderful Chai/Turmeric Souffle – yum!

9. Chug water & eat a banana: Now, I will sit back and make sure that I am staying hydrated all day. I will also eat a banana (or two) for a boost in potassium (a natural electrolyte).


What do you like to do to help your body recuperate after too much fun?

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