My Valentine’s Day Gift to My Husband!

We usually don’t go all out/get anything extravagant for each other for Valentine’s Day. We both enjoy putting gifts together for one another, so we use this holiday as a fun excuse!

This year, as my husband was unwrapping his gifts, I realized that somehow I had ended up gifting him a very Wellness-themed present! I guess it’s no surprise since this is right up my alley; and I suppose there is no better time to tell your significant other ‘hey, I want you to stay healthy, so you are in my life forever!’

So here’s what I got him…

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He always loves something sweet, so I knew I wanted to get him some sort of yummy, edible item, but I wanted it to be on the healthier side. I searched and searched and almost ended up resorting to conventional yummies, but then I came across Good Day Chocolate! Good Day Chocolate adds supplemental benefits to their chocolate. My husband takes turmeric, probiotics, and sometimes melatonin regularly, so I thought that this was perfect!

I will be sure to report back after he’s had a chance to try these out!

Muscle Balm

I have been eyeing Good Medicine Beauty Lab’s Muscle Balm for awhile. I knew it would be perfect for my husband because he goes to the gym 3-4x per week and often gets sore muscles!

When he opened his present, he immediately opened this up and applied it to his shoulder. After about 5 minutes, he said “Woah!” because he had started to feel it. He literally said ‘this is exactly like Icy Hot, why do people use Icy Hot?’

Clean Beauty WIN!

Deodorant & Deodorant Booster

We’ve struggled to find my husband a natural deodorant that works consistently for my husband. Often, a certain brand will work for two weeks or so before, suddenly, not working as well. Or we’ll find him one that works for his day-to-day but may not work on gym days.

So I decided to spoil him with Agent Nateur’s Holiman deodorant. This is on the more expensive side but gets rave reviews, so if it works well for him, we will stick with it!

I also got him Kaia Naturals Deodorant Booster Bar to help detox while in the shower. It has apple cider vinegar & charcoal to help eliminate bacteria under your pits. That way, the deodorant you use will work more effectively! What a great idea!

Go Harvey Lab Test

Finally, I ordered him an at home lab test from Go Harvey to see where he is at with his health! Go Harvey is a new, wonderful resource for a holistic and integrative approach to your health. You can chat with doctors about health concerns and order at-home labs to complete and send in. After receiving your lab results, you can consult with a doctor again to put together a plan of action to address any concerns. Such a wonderful idea!


So what did you get your significant other this Valentine’s Day?

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