What’s That? Wednesday: Matcha


If you haven’t seen pictures of green, frothy beverages floating around social media, you may be living under a rock! Matcha is the newest ‘trend’ in morning beverages – and for good reason, too! Matcha has wonderful benefits when consumed:

No jitters/enhances your sense of calm

Improves your memory and mental focus

Detoxifies and assists your immune system

Reduces stress on your adrenal glands

Matcha seems to do it all. Many people do not realize that it can also benefit your body from the outside – it has wonderful benefits for your skin!

Matcha’s Star Qualities

  1. Catechin: Catechin is an antioxidant naturally found in matcha. It fights free radical damage and cancer causing cells. It has also been proven to reduce hyperpigmentation.
  2. Caffeine: Did you know that caffeine makes for a wonderful skincare addition? It is rich in antioxidants and is very easily absorbed by the skin. It improves circulation and can reduce puffiness. The most interesting thing about caffeine is that it fights UV radiation, keeping us young looking!
  3. Chlorophyll: Matcha is loaded with chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is wonderful at improving our complexion by reducing inflammation and lightening any facial scarring.

Check out Cocokind’s blog for more information on matcha and how their moisturizing MYMATCHA stick can help with under-eye dark circles!!

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