Yay! The Clean Beauty Revolution is here…

The Today show recently featured a (short!) segment on clean beauty, highlighting the lack of regulation within beauty products. Check it out here!

The fact is: we are far behind the times. Not only is animal testing still a thing; the ingredients that we put on our skin, in our mouths to brush our teeth, and under our armpits (read about the importance of clean deodorant here) are minimally (if at all!) regulated by any outside party. This means that companies can literally put controversial and/or cheap and/or unsafe and/or useless, ‘filler’ ingredients into their products and charge you an arm and a leg for them.
They created a chart depicting some labels you may find on your beauty products. Whenever you shop for a new body wash, deodorant, or makeup product, turn the bottle over and look for these labels. Is the product up to your standards?

P.S. Let’s backup to the article from Time linked above re: deodorant. Time, a credible source of information, released this information in 2016 yet if you were to ask anyone on the street, they are likely still using Secret or Degree or Dove.

It’s time to spread the word!


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